Having Covid Only Once is for Amateurs!

And Yet…

11/11 – Dear My Doctor - I went to lunch with a friend who rarely leaves the house. She is boosted. She had a covid test before a colonoscopy and was positive the following day! How does that happen? She rarely goes out of the house. I need a script for the PCR test11/18 -  Dear My Doctor -  Thank you for sending the script for a COVID Test last week. Unbelievably, we had a completely vaccinated person at our house for dinner on Nov 17. He told us on Friday that he was positive for Covid. He was at our home for three hours. Need another PCR test. Please let me know if you can mail me another script.12/12 Dear Jessica’s House ManagerFamily Member (FM) took a rapid test on Friday and was negative. He also came to my book signing on Thursday night wearing a mask, and we hugged. As you know, I visited Jessica on Friday with my mask. FM called this morning to say he has a fever and took a do-it-yourself Covid test, and now, he is positive. This is his second time with Covid!12/25 Dear Jessica’s House Manager-Good morning and merry Christmas The good news is I didn’t visit Jessica; the bad news is I was with my grandchild. Last night grandchild was terrific, but today has Covid for the second time. Obviously, there are no Jessica visits this week again. Praying and wishing your Christmas is better.

Covid, Covid Everywhere and Not a Test to See


12/27 Dear Friends and Family - I am glad Mitch bought those tests because I had symptoms and took a swab Monday night. Within 15 minutes, I confirmed (I already suspected) that I could join the group of Covid times 2. I was positive for Covid, again.

A Sweet-Positive Story



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